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Synth Pop

This exhibition is inspired by the early synth music coming out of Sheffield in the mid to late 1970’s at a time when Arthur Scargill was never off the front pages of UK tabloid newspapers.


The influence of people such as William Burrough’s and his “cut up’s” method had on some of the key musical visionaries of the time.

This body of work - although a very personal indulgence into my own past, is also a celebration of the band, "The Human League" and their rise to fame through very difficult times within the City they lived.


This exhibition marks the 30th anniversary of Synth-Pop in Sheffield and recognises the successes that where born out of such difficult and at times, violent circumstances.

Memories in Decay

This project was undertaken as part of a MA Degree at University of Salford in Communication Design. It is a visual reference to decay within nature and how we as human's try to bend the rules in this delicate and sometimes brutal process of creating.

Corporate Projects

This section is a sample of some of the projects I have undertaken both as a designer and as the Managing Director of a Design Agency (Key Lime Creative). The work spans many areas such as: Print, Photography Direction, Marketing, Branding, Corporate Identities and Web/Social media presence. 

With over 25 years experience working with many different clients, both "below and above the line" - this work is very varied and showcases a wide knowledge in all fields of design based problem solving.


This section documents and highlights some of the publications I have been included in or involved in on a creative level.

They range from limited edition books to magazines and conference publications over the last 10 years.

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